Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi! I am Scrappy. Badness is my big sister. She can be tough sometimes but I know she loves because she licks my head.

I love to play! That is what I do. Mama will throw my prey mice for me. My favorite thing to do is lay on my Mama's stomach under the covers at night. So nice and warm. She scratches my head just right.

My mama says I am a blue and cream dilute tortoiseshell and that I have plenty of 'tortitude'. All I know is I like what I like and I don't what I don't and I don't bother telling you about it, either.

Take this dog for instance...What was Mama thinking??? That dog is always after me. She wants to play, chase, bark. CATS DON"T LIKE BARKING!!!! She's to load and she jumps at me. I hiss and hiss but she won't leave me alone. Mama will get after the dog but she doesn't listen to Mama much either. How many time do I have to swat that dog on the head before she will leave me alone!!! I don't want to play with a stinky, loud dog!

I only like playing with Mama, Badness and sometimes Tucker, but he is too big. He is all stomach and he pins me down. And I don't like that!! I hiss and hiss but he still does it. Mama makes him stop too. But then he is right back at it when she leaves the room.


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