Saturday, December 31, 2005

I am going to be a year old tomorrow! I am so excited to be a grown up dog.

Oh! My name is Daisy Sushine but sometimes my mama calls me Daisy GoLightly. I don't know why those. I don't understand everything that my mother does.

Today we went for a walk in the mountains. It was fun. Smell of coyotes, deers, bunnies and birds everywhere. This sun was out bright and I saw big clouds in the sky. Every where was sun and rocks and dirt and bushes. Some cactus too. I don't like Cactus. They have sharp, pointy stickers on them that get stuck in my paws. I don't like that but mama pulls them out. that hurts too!

The rocks are big and hard to get over but mama lets me go my way so I don't have to go over them like she does. I never go far from mama though. She tells me that coyotes would eat me if I went to far. Aren't coyotes dogs? Why would they eat me? She says I would be just a light snack, like my liver goodies are too me. I don't think coyotes would eat me.

I like sniffing the bushes and eatting the grasses. It is fun. I like looking over all the human houses and down on them from big rocks.

Let me tell mama and I walk in the mountain and the humans and their houses are all in the valley. So I can stand on a big rock and look over everything! Everything! There is a river with big trees along it in the valley but it is a long ways away.


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