Thursday, August 10, 2006

Daisy Sunshine:

We all went on vacation last week!!! Mama took me with her to Feenix. We stayed at a really nice place. There was grass and trees and lots of birdies. My mama did the strangest things there though. She soaked herself in a huge water dish!!! No kidding. I never saw something so weird. Mama said she was swimming. She pulled me into it and I DID NOT LIKE IT!!!! It was like a great big bath. YUCK! So I had to stay by her chair and guard her stuff. I tried to be a good girl and not cry when I couldn't see her but it was hard. I MUST keep an eye on my Mama at all times. I never know when she might do something fun.

We stayed in Feenix the whole week. The kitties said they went to Hawaeeeeeeee. They hoola danced and went lu-ows.


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