Monday, January 02, 2006

We went to the greatest place on earth today. The DOG PARK!!! Twizzler was there. Ooo I love chasing him and grabbing his face fur hard. He was my first friend at the park. He thinks our parents are nuts. His make him wear sweaters. He started chewing the arms off his sweaters but his people just aren't getting the picture. They just get him new ones.

After the dog park, mama took me too the mountains again. It was cold and dark though. Mama was scared though and walked to fast. I couldn't sniff and search like I wanted too. It was a new trail and there were tons of new scents to smell.

OOOO I found deers poop!!! Oh it was great!

Mama makes me wear sweaters too. I shake and shake but they don't come off. Oh well. I do get cold. Especially up in the mountains after the sun goes down.


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