Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The mother finally went to earn our kibble today. She was home all last week! She really messed up our sleeping schedule. Plus she kept the BEAST up which made our lives very difficult. We can't do anything without that BEAST being right in the middle of it. The mother says the BEAST is our little sister. My fluffy a** she is! I am not related to some smelly, reeking, peeing DOG. I would rather eat mice for the rest of my life. But we are stuck with her. It seems the mother is very fond of her. :::shudder in disgust:::

That dog better stay away from me. It is bad enough that we have to share a bed with her.

Scrappy is being silly these days. The mother has to put a gate in the door way of the big bedroom to keep the BEAST out of our litter boxes. Can you imagine?!?!?! That BEAST likes to eat out of the boxes! UGH! Doesn't she know what we do in there!!! :::shudder in disgust:::
Oh about Scrappy...Scrappy doesn't seem to know how to get over the gate. It isn't high. Even fat Tucker can get over it. Scrappy will just sit by it and wait for the mother to put her over it. Maybe she want the mother to pick her up. She does get alot of lovins. Hum...I think I understand now. Its a plan...very smart Scrappy...very smart.


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