Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mama and I playing with my prey this morning. She tosses my mouse and I show her how good I am at catching my prey and how good I am at bringing it back to her. Hunting is my favorite thing to do. Especially little furry mice. She is always so pleased when I catch those dastardly mice!

That dog is driving me crazy. Every time I try to get some lovin' from Mama she shoves her face in. I can't get my fair share of lovin's anymore. But Mama is making the dog back off. She calls it kitty time. I need my kitty time with my mama.

I wish it just Badness and I, like it used too be. Mama got us a little brother that we didn't need. And then she added this dog to our family. I don't know why. But Mama is trying to make up for it as best she can. She gave us catnip last night. Oh...wonderful catnip! Badness rolled in it and looked silly with it all in her fur. heehee!

Badness thinks she is so serious and tough but she is really goofy. She sometimes lays on her back in the middle of the floor with her feets in the air!!! and all her stomach hanging out. She says it is just fur but I know that is stomach! And she likes getting into Mama wet hair! She isn't a tough as she wants you to believe.


Blogger PrincessMia said...

I agree, every kitty needs some time with mama. Don't worry about the woofies, they're never as smart as us poodins.

8:05 AM  

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