Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mama is given us kitties extra lovin's now. Badness must have convinced mama that we kitties were being neglected because of the dog. Mama has been making the dog move so we can sit on her, on mama not the dog. And mama has been giving us stinky goodness everyday, in the morning and at night! Plus this morning she left out the good nip for us!

But we still want the dog to go away.

We have also begun our morning routine again. Badness helps mama take a shower. She waits for mama to get out and then inspects her hair to make sure it is clean and well rinsed. Then Tucker makes sure mama puts on her face right. He is very concerned that mama doesn't make a fool of herself. Then I make sure mama cleans her teeth good.

We can't have mama making a spectacle of herself you know. She represents us kitties.


Blogger Les Trois Chats said...

It is most important that Mom not make us look bad when she goes out. Sometimes she takes the boy to school wearing her pajamas with a jacket and houseshoes! We are so embarassed for her. She says she isn't a morning person. We think this is a poor excuse for going out unspiffy.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Tucker said...

Oh dear! We would just die if the Mother went out looking like that!

8:12 AM  

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