Friday, April 07, 2006

I Didn't Ask to be a Stray - Author Unknown

With heavy heart and weary paws
I walk the wet streets, shunned, ignored
Thinking of my life before.

Once I had a loving home
But now the cold streets I must roam
Down on my luck and all alone.

Crouching in some hedge by day
Dodging kicks that come my way
Nothing but a hungry stray.

Inside the houses warm and light
Live my cousins - their future bright
While I must cower out of sight.

Can't you spare a scrap or two?
Or a cozy box in the living room?
Might I come and live with you?.

I'm really friendly, if given a chance -
So won't you give me a second chance?
Instead of a disdainful glance.

I really wouldn't take much space
I'd wash my grimy paws and face
All I want is my own warm place.

It isn't fun to live this way
No-one to love, no time for play
I didn't ask to be a stray.........


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