Monday, March 13, 2006

It Snowed!!!


There was white, cold, wet stuff all over the ground yesterday! I didn't like it when I had to poo in it. It was too cold on my paws. Tucker said it was snow. Mama said my chihuahua DNA has beaches and Cabo San Lucas written in it. ?????

But later mama took me up into the foothills to walk in the snow. She made me wear my coat that I HATE, but I was glad, cuz it was COLD and WINDY. The wind made my ears stand up. It was fun to chase the blowing snow and then catch it and eat it. Everything smelled clean too.

My Doxie genes won.

It was so much fun running in the snow!


Blogger William said...

How come you don't have to wear boots? My mom said I could go out in the snow only if I put my boots on. I don't have any, so I didn't get to play in it.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Daisy Sunshine said...

WM - I won't wear boots. I am kind of fussy about my feets.

Why don't kitties go out in the snow?

8:48 AM  
Blogger Luna said...

I like it the snow the rain the wind,but I live in the flag dont have garden for enjoiyed =^^= my englisg is a little bad,but I tray to write fine ^^

1:23 PM  
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