Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Storm

Daisy Sunshine:

Last night we had a big, big storm. It rained and rained and made lots of loud noises. Mama was not scared to I wasn't scared neither but it was loud. Mama took me for a walk in the foothills again and this is what the sky looked like then.

As we was walking back mama took these pictures of the storm moving across Albaquirky

We got out of the hills just as it started to rain.

Mama went to look outside during the storm and I ran out to protect her but I almost became at kite!!! The wind nearly blewed me away!!! There was loud, flashy things falling from the sky too! And white hard things that was cold falling from the sky!!!! They made more loud noises against the windows!!! When we looked outside again, it looked like it had snowed!!! I thought snow only happened when it was cold outside.

When we did my potty walk this morning, stuff was all over the ground. Dead leaves and wood everywhere! Lots a dirt had moved too!!!

Then the weather guy said it is supposed to happen again today!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Badness: Well, my natural talent for sitting in boxes paid of this weekend at the 2006 Catolympics. I proudly share a silver medal with Angelica and Bonnie Underfoot. We did a great job girls!!

Tucker however wasn't cat enough to overthrow Timmy in his continuing reign as Sumo Wrestling Champion of the World. We wasted alot of stinky goodness on that Tucker trying to fatten him up.

Tucker: I tried my hardest but Timmy has a mean noogie. My blubber is for squeezin' not fightin' anyways.

Scrappy: Don't worry, Tucker, we know you did your best. And we still love you!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lewis the Cat Escapes the Death Sentence!!


Attack cat spared but forced indoorsItems compiled from Tribune news servicesPublished June 21, 2006

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT -- A state judge on Tuesday spared the life of Lewis the cat, whose vicious attacks on neighbors landed his owner in court. But the cat was ordered confined to the house at all times."There are no exceptions. None," Judge Patrick Carroll told Lewis' owner, Ruth Cisero.If Lewis gets out, even accidentally, Cisero could face up to 6 months in jail, and Lewis' fate would be in the hands of animal control officers.Cisero had faced a charge of reckless endangerment because neighbors complained that the black and white cat's long claws and stealth had allowed it to attack at least a half-dozen people. Some who were bitten and scratched ended up seeking treatment at hospitals.

Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mama finally got my pictures. Here I am crossing the Sandias with the torch. I am so happy that I got to carry the torch!

Monday, June 12, 2006

June 11 Torch Relay,

Mia got here safely on Saturday night. We rested up a bit, had some nip, lotsa water. We sent her home after lots of rest and with some good nip. Love to your family, Mia!

Oh my Achin' Paws!

Thank you Meeko and The Lonestar Purrs for the good rest and the snacks. Good nip and tuna water!!! I had a fun time with ya'll on the patio watchin' your birdies! I hope you got lots of rest for your relay. Love you!

I got home early this morning. It was a good run but all uphill! Who knew there were so many mountains between here and there! There was lots of wild life too! I will post pictures soon!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

So Bad


We have been so bad in updating our blog lately. Mom is hogging the computer all the time these days at a place called globalpaw.com. It is a discussion board for dogs! Yes, dogs again. I am beginning to think mom likes dogs better than cats. It makes me want to throw up on the bed.

Message from Daisy:

I is on bedrest! Mama is making me stay in my crate during the day now!!! I hurted my left paw last week. Mama took me to the pokey place. The pokey person made me sleepy and then took pictures of my bones!! The pokey person said I didn't break anything but I is still limping. The pokey person said Mama had to put me on bed rest for a week so I would get better.

No walks! No rides! No fuN!!!! I is sad I has to stay in my crate.

Tucker is nice. He is typing this message for me. I love him.