Saturday, December 31, 2005

I am going to be a year old tomorrow! I am so excited to be a grown up dog.

Oh! My name is Daisy Sushine but sometimes my mama calls me Daisy GoLightly. I don't know why those. I don't understand everything that my mother does.

Today we went for a walk in the mountains. It was fun. Smell of coyotes, deers, bunnies and birds everywhere. This sun was out bright and I saw big clouds in the sky. Every where was sun and rocks and dirt and bushes. Some cactus too. I don't like Cactus. They have sharp, pointy stickers on them that get stuck in my paws. I don't like that but mama pulls them out. that hurts too!

The rocks are big and hard to get over but mama lets me go my way so I don't have to go over them like she does. I never go far from mama though. She tells me that coyotes would eat me if I went to far. Aren't coyotes dogs? Why would they eat me? She says I would be just a light snack, like my liver goodies are too me. I don't think coyotes would eat me.

I like sniffing the bushes and eatting the grasses. It is fun. I like looking over all the human houses and down on them from big rocks.

Let me tell mama and I walk in the mountain and the humans and their houses are all in the valley. So I can stand on a big rock and look over everything! Everything! There is a river with big trees along it in the valley but it is a long ways away.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am NOT all stomach. I don't know what Scrappy is talking about. I just love to eat that is all. Eat alot!

Tucker is my name. I am the only boy. Poor me. But I do my best to pester my sisters as much as I can. Pouncing and bouncing, batting and tapping. Bouncing on Scrappy is such fun...she gets so mad. But I don't care. heehehe its fun!

Mama says I need to go on a diet and that my stripes are becoming spots because I am so fat. What is wrong with my fat? I am happy with it.

Something is moving in the closet...What is it?! I gotta check it out.
Hi! I am Scrappy. Badness is my big sister. She can be tough sometimes but I know she loves because she licks my head.

I love to play! That is what I do. Mama will throw my prey mice for me. My favorite thing to do is lay on my Mama's stomach under the covers at night. So nice and warm. She scratches my head just right.

My mama says I am a blue and cream dilute tortoiseshell and that I have plenty of 'tortitude'. All I know is I like what I like and I don't what I don't and I don't bother telling you about it, either.

Take this dog for instance...What was Mama thinking??? That dog is always after me. She wants to play, chase, bark. CATS DON"T LIKE BARKING!!!! She's to load and she jumps at me. I hiss and hiss but she won't leave me alone. Mama will get after the dog but she doesn't listen to Mama much either. How many time do I have to swat that dog on the head before she will leave me alone!!! I don't want to play with a stinky, loud dog!

I only like playing with Mama, Badness and sometimes Tucker, but he is too big. He is all stomach and he pins me down. And I don't like that!! I hiss and hiss but he still does it. Mama makes him stop too. But then he is right back at it when she leaves the room.
My siblings (including the BEAST) and I decided to start a blog of our own today after the mother told us of the passing of another cat, Eppy, that blogged. We thought it would be a neat idea to also blog about our pondering, perceptions, grievances and joys for all to read. Lord knows with this BEAST in the house now we have a lot to share.

A bit about myself. I am the oldest. My name is Badness. I have luxuriantly long black and white fur with a very pink nose. I am the BOSS.

My first people thought it would be a good idea to ditch me on someone at a grocery store. Fortunately, I spotted this mother as a sucker and put on my cutest pitiful kitten show on. She fell for it as they all do. Silly humans.

I discovered to my amazement that she didn't require much training. She had be previously trained very well by another cat. She instantly made room for me on the bed and let me sleep on her head. I still do it. She even bought me my own pillow but I prefer hers.