Friday, May 26, 2006

An UPdate


Sorry for the pawse in our posting. We had a family catastrophe that needed to be handled. It wasn't handled according to my suggestions. As usual!

The Mother: Badness, it didn't effect you one bit.

Badness: Everything that happens in this house effects the kitties! You want to know what it was efurryone?! The VILE BEAST started having accidents. The Mother was clogging up the computer with VILE BEAST questions so we kitties couldn't post about our protests!!!

The Mother: You are such a drama queen. I am sorry but I had to find out what I should do with Daisy.

Badness: I TOLD you what you should do with the VILE BEAST.

The Mother: Kicking to the curb, one way trips, stuffing, and playing in the street are not viable options.

Badness: They would have solved the problem of poop in the house. She doesn't even use the litter box. UGH!

The Mother: It doesn't even matter anymore because the problem has been fixed. Without the use of cement shoes.

Badness: that would have solved my problems.

The Mother: A lobotomy would fix your problems.

Badness: I heard that!

The Mother: About your protests. Walking on the counter tops and knocking off dishes is quite effective, I must admit. I won't spray you again. I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry.

Badness: Not good enough. Speaking of good, where is my stinky goodness?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Zeus' Ideas


We are about to begin implementation of Zeus first idea, signs. Scrappy is painting some up now. We will have pics of the protest asap.


1) Make signs which read "No Spray - Go Away!" and march in the kitchen with them. When the human pet can't get to her precious metal food box, she might think otherwise about the hose.

2) All three of you sit at the foot of her bed with just your eyes appearing to her while she tries to go to sleep at night. The feeling of paranoia could get her to relinquish this horrific act.

3) If all else fails, when she sprays you with the hose, you spray her with the yellow stuff nature gave you. I'm sure that would put a new spin on Pavlov's theory!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Proof of Parental Irrationality


First it was the little brother...

Then it was the dog. No she isn't cute.

Now she is squirting us with the hose. The irrationality is getting worse. Pretty soon she could be bathing us and putting colored nail caps on us. The mind boggles!

What else could she be planning?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Now That is a Thought


William brought up the possibility of something happening to our Mothers during the recent sand storm. That same storm is now raining down in the East where other kitties are getting sprayed with water.

What if something CHANGED our Mothers? What if they have been replaced or mutated?! What if there were aliens in the dust that inhabited our Mothers bodies?!

That would explain alot, especially the squirting with water!

Monday, May 15, 2006



The Mother squirted Tucker and I with the hose this morning. Enuff said.

The Mother: May I butt in here. Badness, you and Tucker weren't supposed to be outside. You know I don't want you out there! There are diseases, and fleas, and ticks!!

Badness: We are only a step away from being wild animals. We must feel the wind in our fur and dirt under our paws.

The Mother: LOL!!! ROFL!!! LMBO!!! You, a wild animal!?!?! You wouldn't know what to do with a mouse if it jumped in your dish! Spare me!

Badness ::fliffing my tail:: You didn't have to squirt us.

The Mother: I only sprinkled you. I was watering the "lawn". It was the only way I could get you to go back inside before you made a mess of your fur by rolling. I am sorry but it had to be done.

Badness: We want a new Mother

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Moocher!


This is a kitty that has been coming to our backyard for awhile. He acts like he is starving but he doesn't look like it. The Mother says he belongs to someone because he has a collar and has had a hooha-ectomy. He is a Moocher! The Mother still feeds him though.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dust Storm of 2006


Here are some pics I took on the way home from work yesterday.

The pic was taken looking towards the West Side of Alb. from Lomas Ave. up in the Heights.

This one was taken looking towards the mountains. What mountains? The sand totally blocks them out!

I don't think we have had a dust storm this bad for several years. Certainly not this year. We usually have spring winds and dust storms but this was a bit much.

The cats didn't even notice and I had to give Daisy the bad news that the weather was to bad too go for a walk. She didn't want all her fur blasted off so she was okay with it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Updates and Dog Pics

Daisy :

I gots some new pics of me and my buddy, Bullet, at the dog park. Here they is:

Isn't we cute? We plays hard and get all GRRRRR!!

Other than playin's at the dog park, Mama and I workeds outside in the yard. Mama is planting grasses for me to play in and lay on. She is making catnip grow for the kitties to sniff.

Oh, Oh, Oh!!!! We gots hummingsbirds coming to our feeders now!!! They is so cutes! I trieds to catch one but it moveds to fast!! Then Mama said, don't chase the birdies. I was sad but that is okay. I likes to looks at them anyways! Mama says they is Black-chinned Hummingsbirds.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Its All Good


Mama is feeling better. Now I can get my lovin's and scratchin's properly on her tummy. I have to lay on my mama's tummy for my lovin's and scratchin's to count.

Timothy is my opponent in sumo wrestling at the Olympics. Wow! This is goin' to be fun! I have been bulkin' up and practicing my moves on Badness. She doesn't appreciate it very much but oh well. I have to tackle somebody!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Mama Sick


Mama gotted sick yesterday. Shes was sick todays too. Shes said it was her tummy. Shes was bent over her litter box alots yesterday. When the kitties trieds to walks over hers tummy shes mades them get off cuz it hurts her to have pointy kitty feets on her tummy.

Mama slept most of the day todays. No fun. Badnesssss and I's took care of hers though. Badnesss sat on her head and laid on her legs. Intensives Pet Therapy mamas calls it.

Wes sads mamas sick.