Thursday, February 23, 2006


We finally know where we sleep! I get a pillow! Having the dog sleep with us messed up everything. She sleeps under the covers where I usually sleep. Badness called a kitty meeting to talk about it. Badness usually get Mamas pillow. I slept at her knees and Tucker at her shoulders. But with the dog at mama's knees I couldn't sleep there no more. I tried sleeping in a drawer but mama closed it on me. Then I tried sleeping in a chair but it was uncomfortable. Then I tried the floor. I was sad. But Badness said I could sleep on the other pillow!!! And that is much better. I sleep on one pillow. Badness sleeps on mama's pillow. Tucker sleeps at mama's shoulder. The dog sleeps at mama's knees. It works for us!

Mama complains about not having any pillow space but we know she doesn't mind. She likes laying her head out our side and listening to our purrs and feeling our soft fur. It makes her relax and sleep good.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Guess What!!!?!?!?!?! Mama gave me a bath!!! Oh, I hates baths. Mama said we are getting clean sheets so we all need to be clean. I did walk through a mud puddle today and I always roll in the good stinks at the dog park. But, I am a dog. Isn't that what I's supposed to do. Mama said there was lots of dirt and fur in the tub. I don't know where that came from.

I am glads I's not the only one to get baths. Mama's must like to hot air blowy thing their furbabies. Mama did it again this morning. But no kind words are going to make me like that thingy. Its evil!!!

I's surprised kitties get baths. My kitties are always licking themselves. Tucker says that is how they bath. Tucker said Badness got a bath once when she rolled in the kitty good stink box. Why would she do that?!??! I don't think Badness is a normal kitty.

But I's had a fun day. Mama and I went to a place where mama can eat outside and I can be with her. My uncle Louie came too. He fed me. YUM!!! Mama calls it furinch fureyes. Mama says they aren't good for me but they are soooo good!!!!

Then we went for a walk up in the mountains again. Mama lets me walk of the leash when we are climbing rocks. She is kind of slow on the rocks. She says it isn't fair that I has four legs and she just has two. But mama would look kind of funny with 4 legs. She says I must be part mountain goat cuz I bounce all over the rocks. I don't know what that is but I think it is a nice thing.

I never let my mama out of sight though. So don't worry I will never loose her. I have to keep an eye on her so she always takes the right path. I's good at finding paths. If I gets to far ahead I goes back and waits for her to catch up. I's gotta watch out for my mama.

Even though I's had a bath my days was still good!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Has you mama ever tried to put that hot air blowy thingy on your fur? She uses it on her fur everyday. She tries it on my fur before but it was really scary! My tail got all tucky. Today when she was blowing her fur she blew it on mine too. But she was petting me at the same time so it wasn't so scary. But I don't like that thing. I know it is up to something bad. Why should it be so loud? The only thing that is that loud is the machine that runs on the floors!! That things makes me get snarly. Biting is the only thing that thing understands! I have to get all "woof, woof, ruff, woof!" with it. I wonder if mama wants to blowy thing me too?

I like went we play with in the towel after my bath. That is fun! Mama rubs it all hard all over me and oh boy is that fun!!! cuz I loves to wrestle. Do you have to takes baths?

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Finally! The Mother brought home Stinky Goodness. For one blissful moment I thought everything was right with the world. But it came crashing down around my ears. The Stinky Goodness was good at all! It wasn't even fit for burial!

Let the protests begin! I will leave the Stinky Goodness in my dish until she brings home the good Stinky Goodness.

Of course, the BEAST liked it. But then again, she eats out of the litter box.


It was worth a try though...I will try anything that is put in my dish.! But it was kind of disgusting. It made me leave a big stinky in the litter box this morning too. After all my looking like an adorable starving kitty, this is what we got. Sigh...I will have to look more starving and pitiful next time. Maybe make my eyes rounder and desperater.


Whew!!! And he didn't bury it either!!!! My little brother is so gross.

I don't like Stinky Goodness. It always makes me barf. It makes my tummy oozy.

But I thrive on extra lovin's.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I shall sit here with my back to the room until the Mother produces the Stinky Goodness. I shall not acknowledge her presence. Even if she could call my name, I shall only respond with the turn of one ear. My whiskers shall not even quiver. She may try to pet me and appease me, but I shall not condescend to her solicitudes. She will receive nothing from me but the view of my fluffy derierre until I receive my Stinky Goodness.


I will sit here on my kitty tree and look my mother directly in the eyes. I will suck in my cheeks to make myself look like I am starving. My whiskers will droop. My tail will hang motionless. My halo will gleem innocently. My mother will understand that if I don't get my Stinky Goodness I will die of starvation. I hope she doesn't look at my tummy.


I will get all of mama's lovin's while Badness and Tucker beg.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mama just gave us a wonderful treat! Tuna fish water!!! She said it was for the kitties but she gave me a little too. I licked my plate clean! What is tuna fish water anyways...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Mama had some sad news from our grandma and grandpa. Our Auntie Sunshine went to the Rainbow Bridge. She was only six years old. The V-E-T said she had diabetes real bad and that her body was turning off. He said there wasn't anything to be done for her. Mama hopes that was the right decision. The V-E-T said it is hard to regulate feline diabetes, especially a case like Sunshine's that was so bad.

Sunshine is my Auntie cuz she was my grandma and grandpa's baby girl, but she was really my cousin. Our fur-mama's were sisters who lived under grandma and grandpa's house when we were born. Sunshine was a year older than me.

Sunshine had a very rough beginning to her life. She was very sick. Grandma always said, "no more cats! No more cats!" Until she saw poor sick little Sunshine struggling for life in the back yard. Grandma starting feeding her and taking care of her but soon Sunshines winning ways had her living indoors. Grandma though Sunshine was just a baby but found out she was nearly a year old already! She was just to tiny from being sick and neglected.

I miss my Auntie Sunshine but I know she isn't suffering anymore. Mama is really sad. It makes her think of losing us.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mama is given us kitties extra lovin's now. Badness must have convinced mama that we kitties were being neglected because of the dog. Mama has been making the dog move so we can sit on her, on mama not the dog. And mama has been giving us stinky goodness everyday, in the morning and at night! Plus this morning she left out the good nip for us!

But we still want the dog to go away.

We have also begun our morning routine again. Badness helps mama take a shower. She waits for mama to get out and then inspects her hair to make sure it is clean and well rinsed. Then Tucker makes sure mama puts on her face right. He is very concerned that mama doesn't make a fool of herself. Then I make sure mama cleans her teeth good.

We can't have mama making a spectacle of herself you know. She represents us kitties.